Selling Safety Tips

Items such as tablets, cell phones, laptops, legal weapons, jewelry, medications, credit cards, check books, remotes, and spare keys should be hidden, locked, or removed for showings and open houses.

Fix or block off any entrances with broken steps or railings, and shovel and sand walkways in winter months.

Remove or crate pets for showings.

You can visit the MA or NH real estate commission’s website to verify if someone is an agent. Also, most brokerage sites have photos of their agents.

Do not give prospective buyers/tenants any access codes, this includes vacant properties.

Have someone you know accompany you at open houses and showings, or alert a neighbor to keep a watchful eye out.

We recommend you have an attorney look over all contracts before you sign them and have them available for any questions you may have throughout the transaction. You will also need an attorney to prepare the new deed for closing or you may have the buyer’s closing attorney do this.

Be sure to disclose and post signs if the property has any audio or video recording devices.

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