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Enter your home in the MLS!
99 MLS Entry MLS Entry Benefits
We will list your home in the MA or NH MLS for $99-$150 without all the added tasks that a real estate agent usually does. There are NO other fees to us! This is known as an Entry Only Listing. This service is for homeowners looking to save some money and get the same exposure that the professionals do to sell fast. We offer the same service as our competitors do but without restrictions on photos or 3rd party site entry.  Read more >>>
You retain the right to sell your home to directly to a buyer that doesn't have an agent at no additional cost. You only pay a commission to an agent if their buyer purchases your property.
Your home will be automatically placed in many other real estate websites across the internet. Just to name a few...Trulia, Zillow, Homes, Realtor.
Download all the required forms on our Support Site after submitting payment. This site will also be used for submitting your property in the MLS, changes and adding open houses. It's also a great way to keep track of your MLS listing history.
Lisa Berry Properties Simply List Me! Service. $99 MLS Entry Only in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. MA and NH Licensed Real Estate Broker.
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